"In the decades ahead, as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the gap between those whose work is by nature creative and challenging and those who are cut off from meaning in what they do is certain to widen." "In today's workplace, motivation for discovering new knowledge is primarily competitive. But this motivation is inherently limited, and the knowledge it gives access to operates within a narrow range." "By infusing our life's work with a spirit of cooperation, we can pledge our support to the knowledge that will support all the world's peoples."
                                                 -TARTHANG TULKU from "Mastering Successful Work", 1994

 In our 20+ years of practicing and performing Improvisational Theatre, we have learned that Improv is so much more than a format for creating comedic entertainment. Improv is a philosophy. A law of physics. The joyous midpoint between order and chaos. The yoga of human connection. A way of being.

  We now live in an age where we spend more and more time connected to a screen, an application or a data stream, and less and less to other human beings, so much so that face-to-face communication is rapidly becoming a lost art. Not only is that very human connection the foundation of innovation, creativity, and a successful and productive workplace, it is vital to our overall health and well-being.

  In a corporate training workshop, we teach the principles we use to create improvisational theatre. Through specificimprovisational exercises, you will learn the essential building blocks of group creativity. These building blocks help improve your group's skills of agreement, deep listening, collaboration, building a team, letting go of agenda, problem solving, and thinking on their feet as well as reducing stress and discovering the power of play. If you're wondering if any of this applies to your group and the type of work that you do, and your group has humans in it, then yes. Yes it does.

some of our past clients include

The Ann E. Casey Foundation

Islandwood Board of Directors

Islandwood Circle of Friends

King County Bar Association Board of Directors

Collaborative Professionals of Washington

Vistage Group

Meridian Senior Living

  We custom create our workshops to suit each group. You do not have to be a business organization to do a workshop. Workshops also available for writers, actors, public speakers and other creative groups. Feel free to contact us with any questions.